Tyrone Gayle could fly. Tyrone Gayle could fly, but that was never enough for him — he wanted us all to fly with him.

You could feel it every time he entered a room — that soaring magnetism, pulling you up.

There was nobody like Tyrone. Nobody made you feel…

it is in our nature to pay attention to the loudest noises. but so much evil depends upon whispers.

malicious plots are hatched in whispers. the seeds of incitement are planted in whispers. …

Big numbers can start to lose meaning. So imagine just one child. Imagine someone’s six year-old daughter.

Which crayon was her favorite to draw with? What did she like doing at recess? Had she mastered the art of tying her own shoes yet? …

nothing was where it was supposed to be.

the interstate had been swallowed. airport runways turned to rivers.

here and there, gators would peak their heads through the water from what used to be backyards. they were as lost as everyone else.

33 trillion gallons of rain. it doesn’t even…

Jesse Lehrich

co-founder of @accountabletech — trying to make the internet less bad & more truthy. former foreign policy spokesman for @HillaryClinton.

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